Curriculum Vitae

As associate editor for an academic press, I handle relationships with a global network of authors and institutional publishing partners. I serve on the Publications Board for the press, establishing our editorial vision and setting our future trajectory. As an acquiring editor, I represent the publisher at academic and professional conferences throughout the year. I manage book projects from acquisition through development, production, marketing, and sales cycles.

To reach me for an editorial consultation, please use the contact information in my CV below.

I have a deep investment in communication that empowers readers, equips ethical institutions to reach new audiences, and shapes market systems toward sustainable models. I specialize in communicating complex and powerful ideas with force and clarity.

I am looking for clients who will engage my experience in project management, passion for pedagogical excellence, skill in crafting strong writing, and love for public discourse. Recent projects address climate change, healing from historical trauma, refugee support, interreligious dialogue, and the social impacts of new media.

To download my full CV use the link below or click the following image:

CV screenclip

References and further information are available on request.



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